Training and Workshops


Once again this year, A Montreal School for All offers professional development through a series of workshops designed to encompass all staff members within a school.

We encourage you to register as school teams. Collective professional development centered on student learning is one of the main characteristics of successful schools in underprivileged and multiethnic areas.

Artistic and Cultural Projects

Teachers from A Montreal School for All targeted schools can consult the artistic and cultural projects to meet their pedagogical needs. These projects are presented as follows : Registration period, project description, project sequence, targeted audience, partner organizations, and contact information for professional resources. All costs related to these projects are covered by A Montreal school for all and its partners.

To register, consult the section entitled Registration on the right hand side of the screen and fill in the form of your choice.

Instructions (English Workshops)

1 To explore the directory, please click on a category. 2 In the list of results, click on on the title of a
or a project to view its description.


Artistic and cultural projects

Formation avec enrichissement artistique et culturel

Teachers Workshops