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Each year, A Montréal School for All produces an illustrated calendar of artistic and cultural works. The 2020-2021 calendar was designed in collaboration with artist-illustrator Alain Reno, inspired by the experiential approach to art and culture of A Montréal School for All.

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Using the illustrations created by the artist, this year’s calendar is now interactive! To enrich student’s world view and to inspire interpretation, a monthly challenge related to each work of art will be provided.

These challenges also serve as a way to get to know an artist and to give students the opportunity to unleash their creativity, their imagination and their ability to problem solve.

Encourage your students to participate individually or collectively.

« Défi du mois » Challenge of the month


Did you know that May is Comic Strip Month? In comics we often use onomatopoeias, which are words that mimic sounds. What do these onomatopoeias make you think of: BIM, BAM, BOUM? Can you think of any others?

Send us your answers at!




Look closely at the image. She looks like she is moving. How many dancers do you see in this piece? What feelings emerge from it?





March 27, 2021 is World Theater Day.
What do the numbers 1, 2 and 3 correspond to in this illustration by Alain Reno?

Great job! Large, classic plays often had 3 acts. Thanks for participating!




Take a close look at the trapeze artist on the “Poetry Café” project page… what do you notice?
We invite you to write a “circus” poem!





To start the year, your challenge is to create a calendar page for the month of January
“In the style of … Alain Reno”





Look for the word DARE on the December calendar page. Then watch the OSER video.
Like Milva and Marc-André, have you ever given yourself the challenge to DARE something?
Start your sentence with “I dared to…”




Look at all the details in the illustration of the word RENCONTRE. What piques your curiosity?    





What would you say is the link between the map of Montréal, the hippopotamus, and the globe?    







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