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November 5, 2020, 3 :45pm to 4 :45pm -one hour book introduction
(remaining dates will be determined with participants)

All school team personnel are welcome (classroom teachers, daycare educators, specialists, etc…)

First meeting will be virtual

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Période d'inscription : From October 9 to October 20th, at noon

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Book Club meeting details

Virtual meetings will take place in blocks of 90 minutes for an accumulation of 3 to 4 work days, including consideration of time for individual reading. 
In the event that health and safety guidelines change and restrictions are lifted we will revisit meeting options.
Participants will be remunerated according to the rules in place in each school board or school service center.


This book club aims at gathering a small group of interested educators to read, reflect, and engage with concepts and topics related to teaching in Montreal disadvantaged schools. By discussing a common book related to equitable teaching practices we hope to provide participants with time to explore and dialogue about topics related to education and social justice.


  • Reflect on intervention practices in disadvantaged Montreal communities
  • Share their expertise and teaching practice in class
  • Exploring new avenues to improve their school and classroom practices

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