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Intervention in Elementary Schools in Montréal’s Disadvantaged Areas in Favour of Equity and Social Justice

The Ministère de l’Éducation (MEQ) offers measures to support the implementation of interventions promoting the educational success of students from disadvantaged areas intended to supplement existing actions to ensure an equitable education system. A Montréal School for All (measure 15013) is an initiative dedicated to « financially supporting some interventions in elementary schools welcoming students from the most disadvantaged backgrounds on the island of Montréal » (budgetary rules,

This measure was put in place in 1997, following a report published by the Commission for the Estates General on Education, under the name of the Supporting Montréal Schools Program and was renamed in 2011.

At the onset of this measure, a great many students from Montréal’s disadvantaged areas were:

  • succeeding less in school than elsewhere in Québec
  • less likely to obtain a diploma than the Québec average
  • dropping out of school earlier

This reality is still present today. That is why it is necessary to maintain all efforts to reduce these gaps in academic success and perseverance.

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