Deprivation and the Greater Montréal area

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« […] deprivation is a state in which individuals, families or groups find themselves at a relative disadvantage compared to the unit to which they belong, i.e. a local community, region or nation. » (Townsend, 1987 in MEES, 2020, p. 7)

The Greater Montréal area

« The Greater Montréal area faces a number of special complex challenges that often have an impact on many of the issues surrounding educational success. Because of its economic and demographic importance and its concentration of disadvantaged areas and ethnic communities, Montréal requires a special focus as well as targeted measures if it is to take part in achieving the objectives of the Policy on Educational Success. » (MEES, 2017, p. 28)

For more detailed information on the deprivation and the Greater Montréal area, consult the full document and the statistics for 2022-2023.

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