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Artistic and Cultural Practices


In a perspective of social justice the artistic and cultural practices of A Montréal School for All aim to:

  • Allow all elementary school students in disadvantaged Montréal areas to have access to artistic and cultural venues and to meaningful and varied experiences
  • Promote cultural enhancement at school for all students, in partnership with the artistic and cultural community of Montréal
  • Allow students to broaden their vision of the world, to shape their identity, to develop the power to act, find their voice, and participate in a civic goal
  • Narrow the gap of success rates between students from disadvantaged and more advantaged communities


In an effort toward educational success and perseverance for all students, the artistic and cultural practices of A Montréal School for All are guided by the following principles:

  • Recognize, value and acknowledge the cultural background of children, students and families from disadvantaged Montréal communities
  • Enrich the experience of children and students in artistic and cultural learning contexts that are both meaningful and varied
  • Propose various models of cultural mediation
  • Promote social interactions with regard to a cultural artifact
  • Be open to the realities of one’s immediate environment (school, family, social environment; culture of one’s identity)
  • Be open to the realities outside one’s immediate environment (cultural diversity in all its forms and expressions, the links between the present and the past, between oneself and others)

All Artistic and Cultural Mediation offers are available to both English and French sectors for registration.
For a full list of available offers in French click HERE.

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