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Jeune Public

A Montréal School for All would like to reiterate the importance of providing access to Jeune Public activities for all students living in disadvantaged communities.

Due to the unpredictable nature of the evolution of this pandemic and the efforts made by our artistic and cultural partners to adapt activities,
it has been agreed to extend the authorization for schools to use their Jeune Public allowance to register for in-school, virtual or outdoor activities offered by our various partners.

The situation will be reassessed in accordance with the health measures defined by Public Health and the CNESST.

Artistic and cultural activities offered by approximately sixty artistic and cultural organizations and institutions in Montréal


    • Allow all elementary school students in disadvantaged Montréal areas to have access to artistic and cultural venues and to meaningful and varied experiences
    • Promote cultural enhancement at school for all students, in partnership with the artistic and cultural community of Montréal
    • Allow students to broaden their vision of the world, to shape their identity, to develop the power to act, find their voice, and participate in a civic goal

Target audience

    • Students from elementary schools targeted by the Program (excluding 4-year-old preschool)

Jeune Public allowance and accountability report

An allowance of $20 per student, based on the enrollment of the previous year.
This allowance cannot be used to invite an artist, company or organization to school.

No accountability report requested for 2021-2022 Jeune public allocation.

Jeune Public Directory

Context of Covid-19
The repertoire is presented by subject. You may use the search engine based on the following criteria :

  • Cycle
  • Type of activity : virtual or outdoor
  • Language: French or English
  • Montréal boroughs
  • Cost : free or with entrance fee

To access the  Jeune Public directory

A JP code is associated to each cultural partner.   

Classification of Activities

Areas of the Québec Education Program:

    • Languages
    • Mathematics, science and technology
    • History and Citizenship
    • Arts:
      • Drama
      • Visual Arts
      • Dance
      • Music
    • Other disciplines:
      • Circus Arts
      • Emergent and multidisciplinary practices


Other eligible activities

The list of artistic and cultural partners in the Jeune Public Directory is not exhaustive. Some Montréal cultural activities do not appear, but they may be eligible. This is the case, for example, with the activities of the cultural committees of la Maison de la culture and of the City of Montréal (JP 99).


In order to participate in a Jeune Public activity, you can benefit from preferential rates established by transport companies for A Montréal School for All. Each school is responsible for reserving and paying for transportation.

It is possible to use the Jeune Public allocation to cover the costs of transportation (school bus or public transport).

For more information regarding Jeune Public, contact :
Camille Loirat :
Nancy Saltarelli :

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