Cycle 1, 2 and 3

Cultural invitation

Viva la Vida Artista

Registration in progress Demande d’accompagnement

Viva Vida Art Gallery

October 2023 to June 2024

Teaching personnel (homeroom teacher, visual arts teacher)

All types of classroom, AMSFA’s Targeted Schools, French sector and English sector

Registration period From September 25th to October 3rd, 2023 at 1:00 pm

Registration completed

Intentions for Cultural Invitations

  • To allow children and students from an elementary school in a disadvantaged Montréal area, access to artistic and cultural venues, as well as to meaningful and varied experiences
  • To increase their participation, as well as that of their families, in the cultural and social life of Montréal

Requirement for Participation

  • Authorization from school administrator

General Selection Criteria

In view of the popularity of certain project proposals and the number of spaces, selection criteria have been retained:

  • A proportional representation of the targeted schools of the two English-language school boards in Montréal as a priority, and of the three French-language school service centers depending on the spaces available
  • A representation of the cycles
  • The participation of the individual in other offers of artistic and cultural mediation (current school year)
  • The participation of the school in other offers of artistic and cultural mediation (current school year).


Students will be invited to spend half a day at the Viva Vida Art Gallery in Pointe-Claire. They will get a tour and learn about the art gallery. They will then immerse themselves in a visual art activity, led by the artist and owner, Nedia El Khouri.

  • Cycle 1 students will have the opportunity to explore a basic painting project, learning technique, colour theory, cultural context, and voice.
  • Cycle 2 students will paint sculptural masks, allowing them to explore themes such as identity, culture, and 3-dimensionality. Special focus is given to colours, design and patterns.
  • Cycle 3 students will learn how to create graffiti tags on a brick like canvas, each having an opportunity to express themselves as artists and explore their individuality.


A date will be chosen between the school and the art gallery, based on availability from October to June.

Time: Mornings - Activities will take place from 9:45 to 11:45

Location: Viva Vida Art Gallery - Pointe Claire Village

Total number of classes or groups: 18
This offer is available in French or English.


No cost assumed by the school

A Montréal School for All covers the following costs:

  • Materials
  • Artistic and cultural mediation workshops: (at school, at partner’s location, etc.)
  • Transportation - Organization and fees

A Montréal School For All

Contact person
Nancy Saltarelli :

Partner: Viva Vida Art Gallery

All partners are committed to respecting the current health measures defined by Public Health and the CNESST in their various activities.

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