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AMSFA 101 – Principles and Concepts for Intervention in Montréal Disadvantaged Community Schools

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School librarian, school administrator (principal, vice-principal), administrative assistant personnel (secretary), teaching personnel (all), pedagogical consultant, school daycare personnel

All types of classroom, school daycare, AMSFA’s Targeted Schools, French sector and English sector

Période d'inscription : from September 19th to October 12th, 2022 at 1:00 pm

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This workshop includes:

  • One meeting (October 27th, 8:45 am to 3:15 pm, L.I.N.K.S Hight School, in-person)

Total number of participants: 25
This offer is available in English.

Requirement for Participation

  • Authorization from school administrator

General Selection Criteria

In view of the popularity of certain project proposals and the limited number of spaces, selection criteria have been retained to allow for participation from a larger number of students:

  • A proportional representation of the targeted schools of the two English-language school boards in Montréal as a priority, and of the three French-language school service centers depending on the spaces available
  • A representation of the cycles
  • The participation of the individual in other offers of professional development (current school year)
  • The participation of the school in other offers of professional development (current school year)


Many Montréal schools are characterized by a high concentration of deprivation and immigration, situations that are specific to the urban context in which they are located. These factors and this context, as well as their accumulation and interaction with one another, raise important issues for schools, in part because of their effects on students' educational success.
A detailed and up-to-date understanding of the reality of students and families from disadvantaged backgrounds makes it possible to counter prejudices and false beliefs, which are among the main causes of continued school inequities.

In part 1 of this two-part series, participants will have the opportunity to reflect on the impact of prejudices and misconceptions on the practices of all school stakeholders. A better knowledge of the offer of A Montréal School for All will make it possible to identify professional development objectives that support the implementation of practices that aim for equity.

Specific and Measurable Goals

  • Know and understand some of the issues of deprivation in the Montréal context.
  • Distinguish and identify certain facts, prejudices and misconceptions about disadvantaged students and families.
  • Know the possible impacts of prejudice and misconceptions on educational practices, and on student learning and success.
  • Learn how A Montréal School for All can support the educational community to ensure practices that aim for equity.

Cost covered by the organization

A Montréal School for All covers the following costs:

  • Substitution or replacement
    If applicable, a fixed amount is allocated by A Montréal School for All to school boards and school service centers to cover the costs of substitution or replacement.

Professional Development Animator

Nancy Saltarelli, Professional Resource, A Montréal School for All

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